Tips for Better Skin

Spring has blossomed! Nature is awakening: plants are taking on a bright green color, the first buds are peeping out, and the days are getting longer and warmer.

Your skin, as well as Nature, should also take advantage of this moment of transition to renew and flourish.

The winter months have left some negative effects on your face and body. Now it's time to improve your beauty habits and lifestyle to better face the new season.

In this article we provide some useful skincare and nutrition tips to help you regain the glow you deserve.

Why Preparing Your Skin for Spring?


During the cold season, the epidermis suffers the negative effects of low temperatures and an often high-calorie diet.

The skin  — as well as the liver — is an excretory organ, that is, a organ that accumulates toxic and harmful substances generated by poor eating habits, stress, and external agents.

Dehydration, redness, dryness, dullness and increased sebum production are warning signs of a skin that needs to be regenerated with healthier habits and a proper skincare routine.


How to Refresh Your Skin in Spring


To regain your lost beauty and well-being we, at Phynour, recommend a holistic approach.

This means that getting rid of winter's harmful residues requires more than just improving your skincare routine. And, likewise, it is not enough to just eat healthy and exercise more.

Let's be clear: taken alone, these elements are certainly positive for your skin and whole body. But what really makes the difference is their synergy.

The Perfect Spring Skincare Routine


Here are 3 steps to improve your beauty routine as the summer season arrives:

Detergente Viso con Aloe Vera - Extra Enriched Delicate Cleanser


Every self-respecting skincare routine always starts with a proper skin cleansing, both at morning and at night.

In spring, it is essential to eliminate toxins and dead cells accumulated on the surface of the epidermis with a deep cleansing — but without overdoing it!

Excessive peeling or the use of non-dermo-compatible cleansers can cause the so-called rebound effect, which is an alteration in sebum production.

Instead, choose a facial cleanser with rebalancing oils and nourishing natural extracts to deeply cleanse the skin, while respecting the skin's hydrolipidic film.

The first result you will get is a brighter skin and reactivation of microcirculation.

Face serum

Do not forget to include a quality face serum. The advantage of this type of cosmetic is that it contains numerous specific and concentrated active ingredients.

A good serum should not be mistaken as a substitute for a cream, but rather as an amplifier of the beneficial effects of the substances contained in the other cosmetics in your beauty routine.

SUPREME HYALURONIC³ SERUM, for example, contains pure hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights. This precious selection gives your skin hydration, tone, volume, as well as a new radiance.


During winter, low humidity, cold weather and temperature changes decrease the skin's moisture level.

The result? A drier, more delicate skin that is prone to cracking. To regain lost softness and tone, choose a nourishing cream, rich in active ingredients that promote cell regeneration.

Green light for creams containing substances such as hyaluronic acid, a href="https://phynour.com/peptidi-di-collagene/" target="_self">collagen peptides and fine bases such as purified butter and precious oils, free of silicones and paraffins.

Renew the Skin with Proper Nutrition

As we said, it's not enough to revolutionize your beauty routine to renew your skin in spring. It needs to be combined with new, healthier and more sustainable habits.

During winter, the body needs more energy throughout the day, and this can lead to overindulging in unbalanced eating habits.

An excess of refined foods, sugars and fats can put a strain on the liver, causing the accumulation of toxic substances, to the detriment of the skin and the entire body.

Toxins accumulated during winter months reduce the body's efficiency and thus its ability to adapt to spring's new rhythms.

The real key is to improve liver function, which can become an effective anti-toxin filter. How can you do that? Our dietitian Federica Delli Noci recommends consuming at least 3 servings of fresh seasonal fruits (including at least one serving of berries) and 2 servings of vegetables every day.

You should limit the consumption of meat, cold cuts and cheeses and try to replace animal protein sources with vegetable ones, such as legumes, nuts and seeds.

Avoid the use of sauces and other fatty and salty condiments, and replace them with extra virgin olive oil, avocado, seeds and dried fruit.

Finally, don't forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. With the first warm weather, superficial blood vessels tend to dilate to counteract the rise in body temperature.

Il risultato è un rallentamento della circolazione, che provoca un accumulo di liquidi e conseguenti gonfiori a mani e piedi. Aumentare il consumo d’acqua e ridurre il sale è una modalità molto efficace per contrastare questi problemi di ritenzione idrica. ­

Physical Activity: Benefits for the Skin

In the holistic approach to skin renewal that we are proposing, we certainly cannot leave out exercise.

When you exercise, your blood pressure increases, and this improves the flow of oxygen into your whole body – including the skin – which will benefits from a greater vitality and a more effective cell regeneration.

In addition, exercising regularly helps lower stress by bringing the body's hormonal and immune responses back into balance. The result? A lower impact of chronic diseases such as acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.

Finally, recent studies have shown that the skin of people who have more active lifestyle appears younger than that of those who tend to be more sedentary. Just 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise is enough to give your skin a healthier and brighter appearance.

It's worth doing a little exercise , what do you say?

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