Phynour is an advanced artisan cosmetic laboratory that believes in the harmonizing power of Nature on human health, beauty, and psycho-physical well-being.

It was born from the alchemy between a young cosmetologist - passionate for research and inspired by the botanical world - and Mauro Ricchiuto, international expert in health, nutrition and natural beauty, and enthusiastic passionate about healthy and eco-sustainable living.

The essence of our products originates from the Earth. Our recipes, formulated according to the principles of eco-sustainability, are calibrated to give you immediate sensory pleasure and persistent wellness. 

We are convinced that true beauty is the result of a condition of profound inner well-being: our goal is to help you achieve it. Not only with cosmetic products, but through a holistic 360-degree experience.


Our philosophy springs from the eternal wisdom of Nature: this is why we have chosen ingredients of natural origin for our dermocosmetics.
Not a just vain appearance, but a true belief that only what comes from the Earth can revitalize the complex biotechnological system that is our skin.
The extensive and severe list of banned ingredients in our preparations is the manifesto of the commitment we have promised to honor. Parabens, silicones, paraffins, phthalates, SLES, SLS, PEGS, and many other artificial compounds will never be included in our recipes.
It's a promise.
Being natural is essential for us, but it is not enough to be effective too. This is why we make sure that the effectiveness of all our products is scientifically proven.
We carefully choose our assets and collaborate with the best research centre and suppliers, because they are able to supply us with researched, selected, and tested raw materials for their functionality.
The active ingredients we use are a mix of nature and research, such as hyaluronic acid and natural peptides, which penetrate all the substrates of the epidermis, giving it tone and nourishment.
We follow science, not fashions. This means that some of our recipes are vegan and organic, but others are not. This is because we select from Nature what we believe is the best to obtain that specific functionality.
Our cosmetics are formulated for everyone: females and males, regardless of age. We select the most effective and specific substances to seek the best possible functionality.
Our expert craftsmen allow us to never compromise with quality. We collaborate with the best researchers and suppliers, who carefully select the most suitable active ingredients from Nature.
Our cosmetologists wisely integrate these natural active ingredients with bases from delicate vegetable butters and purified botanical oils, to give texture and pleasure to your skin. The result is the sensation of nourished, regenerated, and restored skin, and a perception of well-being that expands throughout the body.
We are satisfied with the level of quality we have achieved, but our commitment is constantly evolving. The natural wellness sector is very dynamic and for this reason we are conducting several new studies to make our formulations more and more effective.
Our mantra is: the best or nothing.
Our desire is to become increasingly sustainable and neutral towards nature.
Choosing a green building site, with photovoltaic and solar panels, is the first seed we planted in this perspective.
For our products we only use glass bottles and ash wood caps, keeping the use of plastic below 5%.
It is a great result, but we realize that we are not yet as perfect as we would like. Our goal, in fact, is to completely eliminate plastic from all packaging.
We feel closer day by day to our ideal of sustainability and for this reason we are projected towards constant improvement. Because it's the small daily decisions that make the difference in the long run.
We are proud of our small business size, because it allows us to build a deep connection with our customers.
Being an artisan laboratory allows us to make uneconomic choices, such as investing in a greater quantity of valuable and expensive raw materials, saving on the structure and marketing costs.
Of course, we aspire to be an economically sound business, but we feel we have a sensitivity more towards the social aspect of natural beauty.
What is most important to us is the psychophysical well-being of our customers and for this reason we will not compromise on the quantity of active ingredients and natural bases we use.
Our will is to bring a multipurpose experience, which allows us to bring all the nuances of natural living.



I am an enthusiast passionate about healthy, natural and eco-sustainable living. For over 25 years I have had the opportunity to work in an important pioneer company of natural medicine.

Over the years, I have been able to follow several projects at an international level, in which I have developed a deep knowledge of the sector and of the different areas in which it branches.


In this way, I have accumulated experience and knowledge in various areas, including healthy nutrition, natural dermo cosmetics, sports integration, natural medicines, holistic disciplines, as well as organic, eco-sustainability, and circular economy markets.

In the international context, my ardent curiosity towards the constant search for new stimuli has led me to learn about new cultures, philosophies and approaches.

I was lucky enough to meet professionals and experts with different sensitivities and visions, which have radically influenced my growth.

Always recognized as a kind manager, my professional evolution and the vicissitudes of life and health have led me to embark on a new path. A new dimension in which I could express my values ​​and my sensibilities without the compromises that large companies require.

Thus was born the adventure of Phynour, in which this multitude of influences and knowledge joined my visceral love for Nature and the immense variety of solutions it gives us to live in a healthy, harmonious and respectful way.

From Zero to Hero: this is the motto that stimulates me during my sporting endeavors and that I ideally want to apply to Phynour as well. "Zero" because we are a micro cosmetics laboratory, "Hero" for its heroic character in simplicity, integrity and constant pursuit of excellence.

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