Snail Slime: What It Is and What Benefits It Brings to the Skin

Bava di lumaca: quali sono i benefici?

Every year, the world of natural cosmetics comes up with new ingredients that are increasingly effective in the care of the skin and the general well-being of the body.

One of the substances that has recently revolutionised this sector is snail slime, an animal-derived extract that may sound strange to many people, but which has excellent beneficial properties.

Just think that many people even assume it as a nutrient because of its medicinal and therapeutic properties, useful for soothing gastrointestinal disturbs such as ulcers and gastritis.

If just the idea of spreading this substance on your skin makes you uncomfortable, we are sure that after reading this article on snail slime you will change your mind.


Snail slime is a gelatinous secretion produced by glands located in the foot of Helix aspersa snails. This slimy substance allows them to crawl easily over surfaces and helps them heal quickly when they come in contact with sharp objects such as branches and rocks.


The use of snail slime for cosmetic purposes is lost in the mists of time. The use of this ingredient, in fact, dates back to ancient Greece, where the famous doctor Hippocrates prescribed chopped snails as a remedy to deflame the skin.

In the contemporary age, however, the first to notice the properties of snail slime were Chilean breeders. In the 1980s, in fact, some of them noticed that, by handling these small molluscs, their hands were particularly soft.


If your desire is to fight the signs of aging and keep your skin looking young and toned for many years, then the answer is yes.

However, it must be stressed that the action of these substances becomes really effective only through constant and prolonged use over time.

Numerous scientific studies attribute to snail slime several beneficial properties for the skin. Most of the effects of this ingredient come from numerous active ingredients, including:

  • collagen: has exceptional moisturizing properties; plumps the skin and reduces the signs of aging.
  • glycolic acid: has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, acting both as an exfoliant and as a moisturizer.
  • allantoin: smoothes the skin by exfoliating the upper layers of dead cells and stimulates cell regeneration.
  • elastin: prevents the formation of stretch marks and slows the skin aging process.
  • vitamins A, C and E: essential for regenerating skin cells and for their powerful antioxidant effect.

Be careful, though: when choosing a cosmetic that contains snail slime, you must also consider the quality of the extract. In fact, to claim these properties, the product must have undergone specific clinical trials to prove its effectivenes

Based on these properties, there are at least 6 benefits that snail slime cosmetics provide to the skin:

Fewer Wrinkles

Over the years, the skin loses its natural elasticity, due to a decrease in collagen and elastin. Snail slime helps replenish these active ingredients, giving your skin a more toned and youthful appearance.

Less Skin Blemishes

As we have seen, glycolic acid has a gentle "peeling effect" on the more superficial layers of the epidermis, which are effective in reducing skin blemishes.

Fewer Scars

Allantoin promotes the production of elastin, which promotes tissue repair in case of wounds, reducing the signs of scars and burns.

Less Impurities

The glycolic acid present in snail slime prevents the accumulation of impurities and therefore plays an important action against acne.

Less Irritation

Allantoin and mucopolysaccharides help prevent and reduce redness caused by cold and sunburn.

Less Dryness

The presence of mucopolysaccharides helps replenish fluids and keep the skin hydrated and thus less prone to dryness.


In recent years, snail slime has taken center stage in many cosmetic preparations, especially face, eye and hand creams.

But what are the criteria for choosing the right snail slime cosmetic? First, you need to consider the percentage of this ingredient in the formulation.

Ma quali sono i criteri per scegliere il giusto cosmetico a base di bava di lumaca? Per prima cosa, devi tenere in considerazione la percentuale di questo ingrediente presente nella formulazione.

For facial creams in particular, it is important that they contain more than 50% of this substance in order to ensure appreciable anti-aging effects.

Another element that you should check before purchasing is whether the processing is organic and cruelty-free. The extraction of the slime should be done by hand and with a duration not exceeding 30 seconds.

This certainly does not affect the quality of the preparation, but it ensures that the health of the animals from which the substance is extracted is respected.

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